libicuid  1.4.1
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cpuid_data_t Struct Reference

#include <icuid.h>

Public Attributes

char vendor_str [VENDOR_STR_MAX]
char brand_str [BRAND_STR_MAX]
cpu_vendor_t vendor
uint8_t family
uint8_t model
uint8_t stepping
uint8_t ext_family
uint8_t ext_model
uint8_t type
uint32_t signature
const char * codename
uint32_t cpuid_max_basic
uint32_t cpuid_max_ext
uint8_t flags [CPU_FLAGS_MAX]
uint32_t cores
uint32_t logical_cpus
uint32_t l1_data_cache
uint32_t l1_instruction_cache
uint32_t l2_cache
uint32_t l3_cache
uint32_t l1_associativity
uint32_t l2_associativity
uint32_t l3_associativity
uint32_t l1_cacheline
uint32_t l2_cacheline
uint32_t l3_cacheline
uint32_t physical_address_bits
uint32_t virtual_address_bits
uint8_t xfeatures [XFEATURE_FLAGS_MAX]

Member Data Documentation

char cpuid_data_t::brand_str[BRAND_STR_MAX]

Contains the brand string

const char* cpuid_data_t::codename

Contains the CPU codename

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::cores

Number of cores on the current CPU

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::cpuid_max_basic

Contains the max basic cpuid level

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::cpuid_max_ext

Contains the max extended cpuid level

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::ext_family

Contains the CPU extended family

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::ext_model

Contains the CPU extended model

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::family

Contains the CPU family

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::flags[CPU_FLAGS_MAX]

Contains the feature flags

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l1_associativity

Cache associativity for the L1 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l1_cacheline

Cache line size for the L1 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l1_data_cache

L1 data cache size in kB. If there is no L1 D cache, this will be 0.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l1_instruction_cache

L1 Instruction cache size in kB. If there is no L1 I cache, this will be 0.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l2_associativity

Cache associativity for the L2 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l2_cache

L2 data cache size in kB. If there is no L2 cache, this will be 0.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l2_cacheline

Cache line size for the L2 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l3_associativity

Cache associativity for the L3 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l3_cache

L3 data cache size in kB. If there is no L3 Cache, this will be 0.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::l3_cacheline

Cache line size for the L3 cache.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::logical_cpus

Number of logical processors on the current CPU. When Hyper-Threading is enabled the value will typically be (cores * 2).

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::model

Contains the CPU model

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::physical_address_bits

Physical Address bits.

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::signature

Contains the CPU signature

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::stepping

Contains the CPU stepping

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::type

Contains the CPU type

cpu_vendor_t cpuid_data_t::vendor

Contains the vendor; ID'd by us

char cpuid_data_t::vendor_str[VENDOR_STR_MAX]

Contains the vendor string

uint32_t cpuid_data_t::virtual_address_bits

Virtual Address bits.

uint8_t cpuid_data_t::xfeatures[XFEATURE_FLAGS_MAX]

XSAVE features

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