libicuid  1.4.1
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cpuid_raw_data_t Struct Reference

#include <icuid.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t cpuid [MAX_CPUID_LEVEL][4]
uint32_t cpuid_ext [MAX_EXT_CPUID_LEVEL][4]
uint32_t intel_dc [MAX_INTEL_DC_LEVEL][4]
uint32_t intel_et [MAX_INTEL_ET_LEVEL][4]

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t cpuid_raw_data_t::cpuid[MAX_CPUID_LEVEL][4]

Basic CPUID Information Contains: results of cpuid when eax=[0-7]

uint32_t cpuid_raw_data_t::cpuid_ext[MAX_EXT_CPUID_LEVEL][4]

Extended CPUID Information Contains: results of cpuid when eax=[0x80000000-0x80000008]

uint32_t cpuid_raw_data_t::intel_dc[MAX_INTEL_DC_LEVEL][4]

Intel Deterministic Cache Contains: eax=4 and ecx=[0-3]

uint32_t cpuid_raw_data_t::intel_et[MAX_INTEL_ET_LEVEL][4]

Intel Extended Topology Contains: eax=11 and ecx=[0-3]

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