Hacking Team Exploits

A few days ago The Hacking Team was turned into the Hacked Team and left us a few exploits. The first I will list is the Adobe Flash Player use-after-free vulnerability and just to quote how marvelous they thought it was here is an excerpt from the readme.txt

Congrats! You are reading about the most beautiful Flash bug for the last four years since CVE-2010-2161.

Full readme.txt with exploit explanation (courtesy of the Hacked Team)

Another exploit was the Windows kernel privilege escalation vulnerability which was in the Open Font Type Manager ATMFD.dll provided by sigh Adobe which was a driver that let you select which font driver to use for font processing. There was an exploitable underflow which allowed the attacker to insert arbitrary code before the buffer, and since it was in kernel mode you now are running code with Administrator privileges thank you Adobe!

Windows Privilege Escalation Image

Tested on Windows 8.1 x86

Source code